Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Pleasure Doing Business With You!

What I enjoy so much about selling online in a venue where I am not having to "push" my product is that the people buying my product really want it! I remember my first venture into sales in a small town in Indiana. I loved the newspaper, but just did not know how to do the "value add proposition" for customers who did not see why they should spend their money advertising in a small town paper. When they pushed back, well...much as I loved the paper, I had to agree with them. Later in life I learned how to demonstrate value for a product I really believed in...but then I hated asking people to pay money for it. No amount of "sales" training could put that in me. And I tried...oh how I tried.

However, with the online stores the customers come looking for something specific and find in one of my sales this week, they find something similar to what they are seeking and then ask if I could tweak it!

This is where the pleasure of the new social marketplace comes into play and Bonanzle encourages it. With a few emails and q&a sessions, the buyer bought a set of 12 homespun fat quarters...but I mixed and matched the set so she got what she wanted.

It is always a pleasure doing business when you know the customer is pleased.

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  1. It's nice to be able to make it exactly what the buyer wants....

    thanks for the comment....I let the DAWGs know they should make some more handpicked lists. I have had a few lists but I just keep adding to them. I didn't realize he looked at the new ones and not the old ones. I will now concentrate on new ones.