Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Board Games

I love old games. I grew up in a large family without tv, that is what you did of an evening. Now kids play electronic games, but back then...a good old card game like Old Maid, Authors, or Hearts. Or a board game like Life, Clue, or Candy Land. They still have these games, but they have changed and don't seem quite the same somehow as those built in the 60s and 70s.

Recently I began listing some of the vintage games we got in Itza Gift Shop. We have about 15-20 games that I need to list. Next thing you know, I had to go build a handpicked list just to see what was out there. Fun stuff and some are worth some money!!! And yep...I had to buy one (Animal Rummy) from Mendozam's booth (she has a lot of fun books too.)

Give the list a look-see and take a trip down memory lane with me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Itza Gift Shop

Organizing like crazy, researching like a nut...and then getting cold feet and only listing some of the inexpensive items.

Well...except for this one purse that was sooooo fun to learn about! I have been fascinated with this little number and it took a lot of research to find one like it online. It is a Whiting and Davis mesh purse.

Then there is a book that is a first edition 1912 Organic Chemistry book that belonged to my friend's father. He used it when he was a pharmacist in WWII. The only thing I could find about it was 2 on Amazon that were listed for over $470.00 Somehow I can't believe that, but I do know that some of these books are worth something!

I am having sooooo much fun! And even though we did not plan on listing $4 items, the Girl Scouts and Brownies pins were irresistable and then the Old Maid game took me back to my childhood. Who can resist that?!

What I am having the hardest time with are the rings and gold bracelets. There is just so much you need to know about gem grading, types of gold, etc. My head is spinning. And then organizing all of this...one thing about it, I am not bored!