Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wanna Trade?

Something new to me is online trading. Around Christmas, money was tight...well...actually, it was pretty much non-existent! I had just gotten a job after being out of work for nearly 2 years (and out of ebay since Feb.) I was playing catch-up with everything and yet...Christmas was coming!

As we all talked about being in this meager boat together, fellow Bonanzlers started doing the old swap meet idea online! Something I had never done before! I acquired some wonderful and unusual gifts for my mom and other friends and family members by swapping fabrics with other sellers. I acquired a couple of handmade dolls including this one named Nancy for my niece, soaps, and several other items.

Recently I swapped with Beach Cat Rescue ...loads of fabric for one of her high quality handmade wreaths. This will be a Mother's Day gift (don't worry...Mom doesn't read my blog, or Facebook, or Twitter.)

I have been very impressed with not only the traded items, but also the other handmade gifts I have picked up on Bonanzle. They have been high quality, unique, and loads of fun to share with others. It has been fun trading!

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  1. Hi Cabin Fever! Just wanted to check out your blog. Never knew Bonanzle existed, but I'm definitely telling my mom about it! She does all kinds of sewing, but wants to specialize in doll clothes (or historic costumes...or kids dress clothes...) And I like the ideas about swapping online. BTW, we're a fellow Hoosier (Whiting). Take care!