Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Handpicked Addiction

Bonanzle has a very addicting past-time they offer to their site members called handpicked lists. These were fun when first introduced, but a few months ago they began using them for their front page, thus engaging the members in showing off favorite items.

Here are just a few of my recent creations:

It is all in the Trunk (Elephants and trunks)
A Cardinal Sin (some suprises in this one)
Froggy Went a Courtin' (Frogs are fun!)
Pop Art Kitty (love the kitties!)
Watercolor Wash (Watercolors on Bonanzle....mmmmmm)
Full of Hot Air (can you see the humor?)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Carousel Horses)

Over the past month I have noticed that I actually have become a fan of certain list makers!!! Eyecatchingbeauty has to be one of the most prolific list makers and the creator of some of the most stunning lists I have ever seen. Hers often end up on the front page. She is very creative and has quite an eye for the classy look. Where does she get these ideas?!!! They are gorgeous! Here are a few of her recent ones:

Love My Mama
Under the Boardwalk
Imortal Beauty
Save Me A Seat

Should we start a fan club?!!! "did good" by making these the front page views.


  1. That is so nice of you Cabin :) I really appreciate reading how much you like my lists. This is a great start to a blog you have and a very nice way to approach conversation about Bonanzle. Refreshing!

    You make some pretty fabulous lists yourself by the way :)

  2. Look Cabin seems I do have a fan club lol

    You two are fabulous!

  3. Hi,
    Nice to meet you in blog world. Like your blog about Bonanzle. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some suggestions for ebay alternatives. I appreciate it and will be sure to check out the sites this week. I agree with not putting all your ducks in one place and somehow I managed to (a least online). I'll make sure I visit your store too. :)