Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let Simplicity Reign!

Last year, after much angst over all the problems selling on eBay and signing up and trying nearly 20 other alternative sites, I landed on Bonanzle.

I did it because someone on PSU recommended I try other reason (I was trying them all!)...and my first impression could probably be described as "light shock." The venue was simple! Within minutes I had a booth and in a couple more moments a very nice looking listing with 4 photos! I remember sitting back and wondering what had just happened - all the other venues that had been previously tried took hours and days to figure out and set up.

That was in August of 2008 shortly after Bonanzle was named the best eBay alternative by Ecommerce Guide. Half a year later, they have again been named the best eBay alternative, this time by SmallBusinessComputing! The buzz on the web is pretty strong about this "simple" little site and I plan to stay!!!

In this blog, I will be posting short "bites" of why this venue works, what I like about it, and links to news stories about what is happening in the online world of "small" sellers.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)


  2. Wonderful Start to this. I am following, and will keep posting. Looking forward to more entries.

  3. You did good kid! Very nice.. I'm working on mine too and still haven't finished it LOL

  4. Awesome! You will do well blogging and look forward to reading more!
    Got another follower!

  5. I sure do love the rocking whale!

  6. You're off to a great start!

    I love Bonanzle too. So much that I opened three booths there :-)

    Thanks for stopping at my blog today.


  7. Just came across your blog - Fantastic!

  8. LOL...thanks ActionHealthy...I just got started and am scared to death to write my second post! So funny...but it is because I am hanging with so many of you other expert bloggers! Intimidation! I will get there.

  9. Great Blog. I will follow you along the blog road as I am just trying to keep up with all of this. You know the old dog theory.