Friday, February 20, 2009

To Theme or not to Theme...that is my question

One of the things I am noticing on Bonanzle that is different from many of the other venues is the niche markets that are coming in! I am falling in love with the whole concept of having a store be something specific and unique...not that I don't love the eclectic mixes also! Don't get me wrong there...but here are a few I have found and have even bought from that are just FUN! And what is interesting...I remember them and go searching for them! Why? I think it is because they have a theme!

You like honey and bees? Check out JandTGarden
I had to pick up some of these recycled items...what a cool idea! Reuseit
It is all about the clay. Pumpkin Pie Boutique
This booth makes me hungry: The Clack House
Whirlygigs and wooden cutouts: SomethingPretty
Polished petrified wood: Rockpolisher
You like to bake-I bet she could help: Baking Treasures
It's all about kids racks: Kidzrackz
Only quilt stencils: QuiltStencilsandMore
This one is funny: Poop Pals

These are just a few of my favorites, but I am beginning to get into this themed booth thing! So...armed with this thought and lots of creative juices flowing, I have been trying to hone down and focus the direction of my own booth in my long range plan. My avatar puppy has been giving me lots of ideas ( he doesn't talk to me, but it sounds better than saying I am talking to myself!)

I am planning this Spring for Cabin Fever to get an updated look and I just might start with some airbrushed t-shirts of my puppy. I would really like to concentrate more on my art and airbrushing of children's items. At least with this idea I could pretend I am out on a beach somewhere warm painting for fun!!!

Whatever it ends up being, I will absolutely announce it! What with Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkDIn, PSU, Blogspot, Bonanzle's own forums, and I am sure a few more places...think I can keep anything a secret any more?!


  1. I am loving the whole niche thing. Poop pals is an adorable shop. I will be doing some more towards spring in line with gypsy's, with my eggs.

  2. I should be more focused too but then again, that's why my bonanzle shop is Eclectic Spirit...I just can't help myself! LOL