Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cleaning out

To build upon the previous post, I have started a major overhaul of my sellling sites and looking at what is left of the quilt store products I had bought. Most of it has sold, but what hasn't sold over this past year is being donated to people who can use it.

Then I plan to start listing items that have not been up for sale prior to now.

So... once that decision was made, an $80.00 bundle of fabric (pictured above) that I had been storing for several years sold! Of course! And that really messes with a seller's head, let me tell ya!

Doesn't matter, I need to clean house.

I am also dismantling my scrapbooking collection. What I did not donate, will be sold. There is the whole balance of storage vs. selling that has to be mentally dealt with.

I also keep toying with the idea of selling on ebay again. Not sure if I can handle the stress, but I might give it a try. One thing about Bonanzle, I have never had any stress.

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