Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something happened on my way to class...

I admit, I have been eyebrow deep in finals for the last couple of weeks, so when Bonanzle announced their name change to Bonanza I was startled. Did I miss a memo somewhere? What was wrong with the original le? So instead of working on my website design, I cruised FB and some blogs... sorry, was a bit scared to get on the forums!

Anyway, it is fine. Bonanzle, Bonanza... whatever. As long as buyers can find me, I am not worried - and from the sounds of it, the old links will still get you to the same destination.

A lot of folks are worried, and I can understand that, but I am of the mind that if their business model is good for me, I will stick around. However, I am also not selling in huge amounts with a lot of time and resources on the line. At this point in time, I am concentrating on classes and the few hundred dollars that comes in through Bonanz_ sales periodically is a nice way to pay for books.

Oh... being a design student there is ONE little thing bugging me. Sorry, but that top header / banner -- if I tried to turn that in, any teacher in the school would throw it back at me. Even my coding instructor would be challenging the lack of creativity! I know this... I just sat through our Web Authoring finals critique on Monday. And besides, there is an expectation of something a little more out of the ordinary from Bonanzle... Bonanza... I can only hope they have something up their sleeve!

But other than that... I love the slick home page with the handpicked lists, and have no complaints about the name change.

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  1. I agree about the header. In fact, I posted yesterday that it was way too blah and did not invite me to shop. I also agree that as long as people can find me I don't care what the name is.