Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Cleanup

Over the past year I have successfully completed 4 quarters at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Somewhere along the way I felt like I had entered some unreal world where life is suspended and all that matters is "making the grade." It is like the life I had been leading prior to this was what was unreal!!!

As mentioned before, in spite of the fact that I have basically neglected my online stores, there have been slow but steady sales. Finally, week 2 into this quarter I had enough and began an inventory of my Cabin Fever quilt products. The oddest thing happened...I began to feel like I had returned to my REAL life!!! This is what matters! Not that I am going to jetison my homework, but geesh, what I am doing online and what stems from it is what matters!

So... here's to reclaiming my real life and to more sales as I begin to list products once more on Bonanzle!
[Spending so much time in the fabrics makes me want to go make quilts for Christmas gifts!!!!]

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